Sunday, September 14, 2008

Charminar & Golconda Fort

It usually happens that we take things around us for granted. That was precisely the reason why an outgoer like me had not managed to see the iconic edifices in more than two months of stay in the city. And nothing but an external trigger helps us wake up from this kind of slumber. For me it came in the form of a friend’s visit. Shashi himself is from Hyderabad and my junior at IDC. He was going to be in town for weekend and obliged to take me around. And for me the exciting thing was that I was going to get hands on with his new Nikon D200!

We started early and on our way to Golconda fort dropped in to see the Charminar.

Old part of the city contrasted a lot with the modern area where I stay and work. But the differences also highlighted the common thing between them...the auto rickshaws. If it’s the subway for New York and the locals for Mumbai then for Hyderabad its is the auto-rickshaws.

And they enjoy the monopoly owing to dismal state of other modes of public transport by charging whatever they want with a complete disregard for the meters. If you got to travel here you got to own your own vehicle. Anyways... after spending some time at the Charminar we headed towards the Golconda fort which is around 15 kilometers from there.

It was slightly overcast but otherwise a beautiful weather to be out in the open and of course for my first outing for photography with an DLSR!

Obviously I won’t be writing much in this post.

The 230 KG iron block was used in the recruitment process for the soldiers by the Nawab. Anyone who lifts it with one hand qualifies!

Door to the Past

The sky began to open up as we climbed a little higher..

Ramdas Jail

I also experimented with some panography which I was dying to try out since I reading about it recently.

Also tried this photo montage from pictures of tourists on the fort.

Special THANKS to Sashi for taking me out, letting me use his DSLR and also allowing me to use some of his images for the montage. :)


amatureartist said...

hey parth, the way u describe the places is like for us a trip visually an with descpition n ur experiances a live thing ....well bt till now i wasnt been at all those place....(ur previous outgoings )
bt i must say @ hyderabad that u r really passionate to know new places various cultures ...

n @ photography ..ya..those r damn cool most of the times is either suberb...or just nonsense (design wise
well bt itz a nice thing to read ur scrap ..very lively ...

keep on!!
hv u seen Forest Gump /cast away ? any of the movies ...

shradha said...

hey bro it was nice,wanna ask did you tried to clap at the entrance of fort and that could be heard at the top end?!

parththefirst said...

No, I saw it but I did not try it because I guessed I would not be able to run faster than sound.. :P

harshvardhan kadam said...

liked th panorama shots..

Pushkar said...

Cool snaps yaar
Reminded me of my days back in Hyderabad.

Anonymous said...

"Parth's pictures speaks!!"
---Nikhil Mahabudhe

Anonymous said...

Amiable dispatch and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you on your information.

shilpa tagalpallewar said...

hi parth, really you r creative photographer and writer too, you described very well, first time i am reading yr blog

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