Friday, January 4, 2008


Well..though its a misnomer..the name of Singapore orginates from Sanskrit meaning 'The City of Lions'..but even when the name was given there were tigers here and not Lions..but I guess the Merlion wouldn't have looked as fascinating if it had been a Mertiger.. Anyways the city is a damn neat place..and though I was expecting some surprises the ones I got were surely not what I had expected..[perhaps that's why they were good surprises..]..The first was just outside the airport! The taxi in queue for my no. was a Merc! A Merc as a taxi! and that too at the same fares as the other ones..well I take this a sign of the things that lie ahead [touch wood :P]..

My first Mercedes ride

The next surprise was in the lift at my cousins building..the signage that read..

What the hell is that???

Not many surpises after that though..
Visited the Art Design & Media [ADM] department at NTU and Lasalle School of Design today..Enchanting Edifices!

The ADM building is built with the theme "A Furniture to the Landscape...An element in the context of Nature"..its just breathtaking..

Walk to the ADM entrance

I guess not being traditional is emphasized as a design philosophy with the structures in which the classes the construction of Lasalle Institute which hosts the School of Design, School of Media and School of Performing Arts was also very uncontemperory..

And after these professional visits chilled out in the evening near the Marina Bay area...

The Esplanade theatre

The Merlion

The Mermaids and the Lion
With Afina & Fabi [Thanks for the pic Victor..& I hope all the names are spelled right!]

The Elixir!

And finally at the Esplanade theatre with my sponsor/mentor - my cousin Shekhar Dada

Stay tuned for more updates...

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