Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Long Walk

A lovely saturday afternoon was calling..and the trip to the Science Expo which is very nearby our campus was pending since long. This might be a surprise but there is a big group of Indians here [IAD, the Indians in Daejon Association] which was going to celebrate the republic day which was scheduled in the evening, so we decided to leave early and walk our way to the venue visiting places on the way.

Another KAIST entrance

Daejon Science High School entrance

It was a long walk and the absence of any people on it made it a lot longer..the only sound was of the cars whizzing past on the road.

But while talking both Anshuman & me did not realise when we covered the distance...finally we could see some people..though we were planning to see the expo [which is a site of a technology fair hosted in 1993/4 with some interesting architecture] we got distracted by some installations before that which were in the premises of National Science Museum and we decided to check it out.

Cute Alien Couple that Welcomes you to NSM

Another eye catching sculpture which probably is a fountain

But the most inviting were these transformers..which were so must to be taken a look at that we bought the tickets and decided to enter to see the whole exhibition, which according to person at ticket counter needed around an hour to be seen.

When we took a closer look, the sculptures reminded us of the Animal Abstraction assignments that the product design students did at IDC..













These are the twelve animals of the Chinese Lunar Calendar.
We went inside and the museum was huge..and at a glance we knew we cannot see all of the three floors in an hour and that was just the smaller part of the building.

So we just took a quick tour, highlights of which I have tried to capture below..

A huge dummy snowflake

Installation inspired from snowflakes

Quartz Crystals

A rock from the Moon

Dinosaur Cladogram

A stuffed Eagle

An Ancient Bell

Hook of the Bell [with which it is hung]

There was a wide variety in the exhibits with some working prototypes as well..but we had to reach somewhere so we decided to move out and cover the remaining some time later..

A life size dinosaur in the outer premises

Another dinosaur

An Ancient Clock

It was almost evening and we had another long walk to the venue so we moved ahead..

But this street was lined with some interesting views this time..

Board of a Furniture Shop
A tree made a very interesting shadow on it in the early evening...

A commercial cum residential complex

I could not help but notice the perfect arrangement of the ACs and the monopoly of LG! [Click on the image to see details.]

Guess what this Ultra Modern Building is?

Yes, its a Church!

Another Modern Concrete, Steel, Glass Building

We had to pass through a tunnel on our that elongated arch the passing cars sounded more like aeroplanes taking off..

And finally after almost 5 kms of walk altogether we reached the venue..phew!

More about the program later..


Sunny Purushe said...

Some of the images are really worth watching espically the robots. The Monkey one is the best!. The subway one too!.
Hey Parth do u have any online
link to see all your collection!.

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