Monday, January 7, 2008


Since on saturday [5/1/2008] no official work was scheduled most of it was spent roaming around the city area...visited Little India, Chinatown in the afternoon and Oxford Street [High Profile Zone ;)] and Clark Quay [Party Place].

The city has an amazing commuting system in place with prepaid cards which you use both in buses and local trains. You just tap it while entering your departure station and again when you move out at the arrival station [entry door & exit door in case of buses] and that's all. It automatically cuts the proper amount from your account. No hassles of queues or proper change!

Tapping the Card while exiting at the arrival station

Card Readers on a Bus

Well the whole system is running like a strictly managed machine and there are rare outlaws. I was objected by a policewoman on a train station drinking water from my ow bottle of water. Reason: "If while drinking, you get a push by someone and the water spills over the floor, someone might slip over it and it would be a big problem! "
No bigger surprise on the day I must say... :)

It was a nice walk in the strong cultural identity areas of Little India & Pagoda Street [Shopping Place] in Chinatown. Just could'nt help amusing: there is also a station named Dhobi Ghat!

Entrance of an Indian Restaurant

Miniature Transformers on sale in ChinaTown

Traditional Shrine on backdrop of Modern Skyline

Pre-dawn in front of my cousin's apartment

Nice Graphics of a backlit banner on Changi Airport

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